【kawais】 leather chair seat<Souther>_Camel









<耐荷重> 110kg(シートのみ)
一般財団法人 日本繊維製品品質技術センターにて検査・認証済み ※ご使用になる脚フレームによって耐荷重は異なります 推奨フレーム:Helinoxチェアワン、タクティカルチェア




※The legs are not included, only the seat is sold.※

Because it is made of pressed cowhide, it has luster and tension.

Since the original wrinkles are less than the garbon series, which retains the original expression of the leather,
Progression of leather elongation is relatively slow. (compared to our company)

It has an elegant appearance, so it is highly recommended not only for camping but also for use in the living room.You can enjoy the original quality of the leather.
We recommend that you use a waterproofing spray or leather care oil to prevent discoloration.
The leather is not reinforced.

We have reinforced the leather, but it will always stretch.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
If the product does not fit your legs, please do not return it.

It is recommended that you apply waterproofing spray periodically.
We recommend applying a small amount of colorless emulsifying cream after wiping dry (or with a little water) to remove dirt.

<Load capacity>
110kg (sheet only)
Tested and certified by the Japan Textile Products Quality Technology Center.
The load capacity varies depending on the leg frame used.

<Brand Description>
What is kawais?
kawais is a brand that makes maximum use of surplus leather produced in the process of leather shoe production.
kawais is a leather item brand that maximizes the use of
Leather items brand

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